Endorsement: Somerville YIMBY

Our campaign is thrilled and honored to receive Somerville YIMBY’s top endorsement in this year’s At-Large race.

Recognizing the need to pursue smart growth in a city with the deck stacked against it thanks centuries of chaotic, unplanned growth is one of the key components of this campaign. Saying YES to policies and projects that make sense will be key as we look to build a better Somerville.

Click here to read our full candidate responses to the Somerville YIMBY candidate questionnaire and see why we won their endorsement.

Thank you, Somerville YIMBY!

Somerville Renters Committee/CAAS Candidate Forum

The Somerville Renters Committee and the Community Action Agency of Somerville (CAAS) hosted a candidate forum for At-Large candidates via Zoom on Monday, August 16, 2021. It was a privilege to take part in this. The archived video of the event is available below:

Click here to read our responses to the candidate questionnaire for this event.

Thank you to the Somerville Renters Committee and CAAS for putting together this event!

SMC Candidate Video

The Somerville Media Center gave City Council candidates the opportunity to come into the studio and cut a video using their facilities, in an effort to level the playing field. Here’s our candidate video:

Thank you to the Somerville Media Center!

SEU Candidate Forum

The Somerville Educators Union hosted a City Council candidate forum via Zoom on June 2, 2021. We enjoyed the opportunity to hear from educators and share our ideas and views on issues affecting public education in our city:

Click here to read our responses to the SEU candidate questionnaire.

Thank you to the SEU for putting together the event!